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Shipping & Returns


  • How long does the process take from the order to delivery?

Because gifts are custom-made, the process generally takes 3 weeks from order to delivery. Given mail delays, shipping and delivery may take longer; we appreciate your understanding.

  • What if I need a last-minute gift?

No problem! You can order the gift now and give your giftee a beautiful gift-in-progress printable or video. You can download these from

  • How are gifts shipped?

The mail carrier service used for delivery may vary. All gifts are tracked and insured for transparency; you will receive an email confirmation when your gift has been shipped that includes this information.

All gifts are shipped in custom-branded “Tell Me More Gifts” boxes, individually double-checked for quality, before being carefully packaged and shipped by the artist.


  • What if I am unhappy?

We are committed to delivering an excellent experience!

  • We have a unique business model: we have no inventory and operate 100% remotely. In addition, because we are a 100% custom, made-to-order gift company, we cannot accept returns or issue full refunds. 

    • What's the deal with that?​

      • Our artists are paid a flat rate per order and we will never take that money back from them.​

  • We are committed to giving you a marvelous experience! If something's not right with the gift, please contact us at We will start helping sort things out right away.

    • We address any issue on a case by case basis.​

      • Options for solutions include: partial refund, new gift, voucher for future use, etc.​

    • Will I talk with a Tell Me More Gifts representative or the artist?

      • You'll always interact with our internal support team, instead of going to the artist with any question or issues. ​

        • One of the services we offer our artists is to take on all customer service. We want our artists to stay focused on what they do best: making art.​

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