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Sketching Artist

The Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Lindsey Miranda

Main Responsibilities: Keeping the long-term goals, mission, and ethics at the front of every initiative. 

Current Base: Portland, Oregon

Best Gift Ever Received: A book of handwritten letters from my mother to me, begun at birth through age ten. Gifted to me on an important birthday.

Bio: My passion lies in creating an engaging workplace culture and inclusive environment where team members are able to bring their full selves to work, regardless of how they identify.

Originally from Iowa, I left the Midwest behind and have lived all over the United States, from Missouri to Massachusetts, Northern California, and most recently Portland, OR. My background is in holistic psychology, startup operations, and theatre.

Black Lives Matter.

Black Trans Lives Matter.

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Co-Founder & COO

Stephanie Gorosh

Main Responsibilities: Managing finances, marketing strategy, website, recruitment, & people processes.


Current Base: London, England

Best Gift Ever Given: In Stephanie's family tradition, births are honored by planting trees. Upon the birth of a cousin-in-law, Stephanie shared the tradition by gifting the plant-loving mama a set of rare breed apple seeds. Those rare breeds are being revived, and growing as fast as the cousin! 

Bio: Stephanie is originally from Houston, Texas, but her destiny wasn't in oil or space, so she left to study in Boston. After nabbing both a Bachelor's degree at Simmons University and a partner, she could no longer ignore the siren call of smoked brisket, and moved back to Texas. The brisket was divine. The driving and heat... not so much. So she jetted off to London for a new adventure. Stephanie spends her free time planning travels and shenanigans for her friend pod, baking, gaming, and finding creative ways to create joy in the lives of those she loves.

Extended Team

Helping Hands

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead a reimagining

of gifting culture that celebrates

humanity, storytelling, and artists.

Our Logo

Why a crow?


We're especially fond of their symbolism as the deliverers of gifts, however crows have many traits we admire! 

Being highly social creatures, they have nuanced communication and are intelligent problem-solvers. Crows demonstrate a proven capacity for empathy (and other emotions!) while being highly adaptable to their surroundings. 


They also know a good opportunity when they see it!

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